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We purchase insurance policies because we want to protect ourselves financially from any type of loss. The process of finding the right insurance can be overwhelming and without the right kind of agent the process of actually filing a claim can be even worse. Many believe it doesn't really matter where you buy your insurance, but this misconception could be costing you money, service, and protection.

When searching for an insurance partner, it's important to know that there are two types of insurance agents: captive and independent. Knowing which one to choose comes down to understanding the differences between each.

Captive - Captive insurance agents are employees of the insurance company they represent. They work exclusively for that company and are obliged to give business only to that company.

Independent - Independent insurance agents are employed by their agency, which is often a locally owned business. In most cases, they represent multiple insurance companies and work on behalf of the client to find them a policy. Independent Insurance Agents represent an average of eight insurance companies. This means they're able to research products and compare prices to find the best combination of price, coverage, and service for each customer's unique insurance needs. Independent agents can provide you with choices because they are not tied to one insurance company. Therefore you won't need to change agencies as your insurance and service needs change.

An independent agent can offer one-stop shopping for a full range of insurance products. They often have the ability to combine various products and coverages from one or more insurance companies to create a combination that provides the level of coverage you need and minimizes the overall cost.

When you purchase something as important as insurance, you want an advocate who will properly assess your risks and give you an objective analysis of the marketplace. Independent agents compare not only premiums, but also key coverage differences that may be of value to you. Too often, as consumers, we make decisions solely on price without knowing that with that price we are sacrificing an important coverage we assumed was included or didn't realize we needed. Your independent agent is your consultant, working with you to help determine your insurance needs.

Only an independent agent can operate as your advocate when you do suffer a loss. Unlike captive agents and telephone representatives who work for the insurance company, your independent agent can work for you, ensuring that you are not alone in the claims process.

Benefits of working with an Independent Agent:

- An independent agent is not tied to one company

- Does the shopping for you and has access to multiple insurance products and quotes

- Compares not only premiums, but also coverages to provide you with the best value

- Can often provide discounts by combining products from multiple insurance companies

- Has the ability to advocate on your behalf during claims

The benefit of working with an independent agent surpasses that of being confined to one option and one insurance company. When deciding how to protect the people and things closest to you, consider taking advantage of the benefits an independent agent can offer.


Borrowing our name from the 1893 Columbian Exposition that celebrated innovation in America, we’ve built our firm by developing innovative insurance and risk management solutions for our clients. Finding effective solutions requires knowledge, commitment and perseverance. It all starts by doing things the right way—from the beginning.

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